There has been a lot of confusion about the new law that North Myrtle Beach has passed thinking that this also affects the City of Myrtle Beach where the Expo is held. We have done a lot of thinking weighing out the pros and cons about this situation. As a business decision, I have decided to cancel this years Expo.

This is a very difficult decision that I had to make. I decided that as a Show Promoter and as my slogan stated that this Expo would be a Vendor friendly show. Because of all of the confusion and what the new law is being proposed, this was the right decision.

As the show promoter, I need to look out after my vendors and make sure I can put on a show that is what is expected of me. I am not a Show promoter nor will my Expo ever be about just having a show. I care for my vendors and I respect and appreciate the respect, support, and trust that you have given me the last 4 years.

PLEASE KNOW THIS, I am not giving up on putting on an Expo that will thrive and you will enjoy going to every year. I have already started looking into a new venue and location. There will not be a 2014 show.

When I find this perfect location, we will be advertising the heck out of it. I don't want to just find a location and expect everyone to just show. I am not that kind of promoter.

I do hope you all understand the decision I had to make as this was very difficult. To all the vendors that have sent in their apps and payments, refunds are being sent tomorrow. In closing, we will see you in 2015.

Thank you all